... and leave the software issues with us.


New Projects

Every new project should start with pairing your business objectives with commercially viable feature-sets. Our years of expertise are fundamental in guiding this process, making sure that your money is spent efficiently.

We have software architecture and development skills that can be used for building your project from the ground up. We also bring agile leadership and management so that your project is done right the first time, on budget, on time.

Legacy software

We can use the same development skills to add new features, identify potential problems and add tests and testability to your existing software base.

Operational dimension is of big importance for a software product. We can adjust you software to generate useful information, for health checking as well as business analytics.

We are also proficient in architecture scalability by offering the expertise in building load-balanced server clusters, cache systems and efficient data layout designs.

Complex algorithms

We have a big background in complex algorithms solutions, design and implementation.

We are specialists in concurrent and parallel computation, combinatorial optimization, semantic search and probabilistic algorithms.

This knowledge when applied to a specific goal in your project, separates you from the competition.


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Modern Frontend

Over the years we have followed the new technologies, specially Javascript-based libraries. There are several important ones for frontend/UI development, like AngularJS for web applications and Ionic Framework for hybrid mobile apps. These technologies allow for more productive development and better user experience. On the left you can see some examples of these modern look and feel.

We have recently participated in the development of a complex user interface for a recruitment software. It was composed of 12 different screens, capturing data, video and interacting with a backend and third party software.

This project was done using AngularJS v1.4, using a component-based pattern that was developed by us. It allowed for excellent testability and re-usability of the interface, enabling rapid modifications of the UI.

Backend and Data Stores

We have worked in the past with databases like Postgresql, Mysql, Cassandra and Mongodb. Typical LAMP-based backends or more recently based on ExpressJs and Dropwizard (Java-Jetty-Jersey microservice framework).

Recently we modified a Tomcat application called Funambol. Its purpose is to be a mobile cloud-based solution for synchronizing data across devices. Our customer had a different use case for it, that required modification in order to allow concurrent usage.

Legacy Technologies

Although connected to modern technologies, we do have the possibility to work on legacy code using older solutions. One example was a e-commerce store/website, that was initiated using Java's Spring framework. It is a very well know and powerful solution, but in that particular case, a little bit to heavy handed.

We jumped into the project to fix bugs, optimize the solution and add new features. The first modification was reducing the operational costs, by shifting away from Amazon RDS. It was technically unnecessary and had a high fixed-cost for the customer.

We have also implemented new product specific payment flows. This customer owned a magazine, with different selling strategies. Each one required collecting different information and performing specific actions.

We also improved the functionality of the backoffice for the store.

Complex Algorithms

We have been strongly involved in the field of component-based concurrent models for embedded systems. Contributing to the Ptolemy project, we developed a static analysis tool for validating software systems. It required deep analysis of semantic rules extracted from source level code.

Still in the field of concurrent software, we developed the ODog Framework for eficiently describing executable specifications using different programming languages and semantic models. This framework has been used to program systems-on-chip for mobile hardware plaforms.

Recently being involved in the field of probabilistic algorithms and machine learning, we developed a solution for classification and matching of documents to subjects based on a techniquie called Bayes classification. The challenge was extrating and classifying documents that were not structured in the first place.
We are based in Brussels, Belgium